Building technology

Planning, installation and maintenance of all electrical systems.

The electrical engineering of a modern building is now very extensive. In addition to planning and the right wiring for light and electricity, there are also internet connections, heating and security systems. Our experienced team is constantly educating itself and always keeps an overview, in large as well as small projects. We support you in old and new buildings with the planning, installation and maintenance of your complete electrical system for your property.


Planning and calculation of industrial assemblies

One of our main areas is the assembly area. We install and wire your systems according to your wishes and requirements.


Years of experience

Experience has taught us that a well-established team works effectively and can therefore make a significant contribution to reducing costs.

Wiring and functional test

According to current regulations.

We use optimal technical aids for the assembly and wiring work. The execution is carried out according to the applicable regulations and the execution regulations of our customers. After assembly and wiring by our qualified staff, all control units are tested by us.


High technical standard

Regular training of our employees guarantees a high technical standard, which is indispensable for today's time. The functional test is carried out under realistic conditions in order to rule out defective components in advance. This ensures that everything runs smoothly on the construction site.